A charming Hungarian spa town

Our first stop in Hungary was Moson Magyarovor. This delightful spa town has Roman origins and a history of grand development linked to its healing and sought after mineral waters.

Happily for us the aire was in the grounds of the large thermal complex so for two days we enjoyed the settled feeling of campers, together with free entrance to the seven thermal pools, two swimming pools and saunas. To complete our ‘luxury’ package we had free wi-fi and free use of the campsite washing machine. It was perfect!

The town is prettily arranged in a half moon shape alongside a canal and 12th century fortress. The cobbled streets meant you necessarily slowed your pace. The architecture was again a mix of baroque facades, and long, low plastered buildings with stone archways leading to colonnaded and shady courtyards.

The feel was of a happy, cosmopolitan town playing host to visitors mainly from Germany and Austria. German and a little English were widely spoken so we got around successfully and the local Tesco was a boon when we discovered its packed shelves of fresh meats, cheeses, vegetables and wines, all for ridiculously low prices.

Our idyllic stay not only gave us the opportunity to fully update our blog, do all of our washing and visit the thermal baths twice; it also gave us change from £20.

Moson Magyarovor fast became my new retirement plan as I mused on a gentle future of bathing, eating and sun-worshiping in this beautiful setting for only several hundred thousand forints a year!