Donastia-San Sebastian

Ah Donostia! A simply beautiful curve in the Bay of Biscay, once visited and never forgotten.

Our sat-nav brought us off the toll road a junction too early and navigating the busy Easter streets of the city was testing, but we got to drive Bertha around the gorgeous horseshoe of the bay, La Concha.

La Concha

Finally, at the aire we found one of the last parking spaces and excitedly set off into town.

Memories abounded, and we were not disappointed. Sunshine, incredible after the last few days of rain and wind, beamed warmly down on a happy gathering of bank holidaying friends and families. People were in the sea!

Romantic couples in designer jeans and leather jackets lay upon the sand, small dogs and shouting children running past them.

Puppeteer buskers set up rival Beatle gigs, and an ashen chap pertaining to be Pliny the Elder stoically sat out the gasps and cheers of the crowds to marionettes singing ‘Love, Love Me Do’.

When in Donostia… join the throng on a ‘txikiteo’ or bar crawl…

Feast your eyes

It was our third visit to the atmospheric old town and still we couldn’t orient ourselves in the warren of tiny bars and bodegas.

The pintxos (or tapas) is of a legendary gastronomic quality in the city so we feasted on morsels of mushrooms, delicate omelette, fiery meatballs, stuffed peppers and a skewer of hot green peppers laced with herring fillets and sharp olives. All enjoyed with the crisp dry verdejo wine. Delicious!