The disaster of the 2004 tsunami affected us indirectly. Our long-planned and meticulously researched holiday in Sri Lanka was cancelled the day before our departure, and we found ourselves with a suitcase of summer clothing – and without much of a clue – in San Francisco in the depths of winter.  On that day we discovered the joy of travelling.

We’ve crossed America by car and Guatemala by chicken bus, camped around New Zealand and hiked in the Mexican mountains and alongside the Caribbean.

Tiring of long haul flights we bought Bertha in 2008 and since then have organised our working lives to allow us the opportunity to travel for three months at a time in Europe. When at work Simon is an award-winning radio producer and I protect corporate reputations.

In 2008 our combined age was 68. Even now retirement is still a long way off, so whilst we can continue to find employers who are happy to have us around for a while, we hope to continue to be for the rest of the time, currently away…

Where the travelling bug began: San Francisco